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About The Form.Gallery

Visiting The FORM.GALLERY:
You will find The Form.Gallery close to Nesttun in Bergen, Norway.

Adress: Osvegen 52, 5228 Nesttun.

The Gallery and our 3 studios are located in the lower floor in an earlier wooden Chair Factory

at Lilletvedt, which is about 10-15 mins. ride by car from the absolute centre of Bergen, Torgalmenningen.

Easy to reach by bus (The Bus to Os) – stops (Lilletvedt) in both directions next to The Form.Gallery.
By car; Follow the main Road towards Os and Stavanger, and You will fin dus 3-4 minutes drive fro Nesttun along the main road (E39) .


The Form.Gallery are open Sundays 12:00 to 16:00 as a standard, but we open our doors for You

also on weekdays and so on, whenever we are present and have the time to open the Gallery.
You can also call at the eventually locked door.
We will always welcome You, whenever we are here.
We work at the Gallery if we are not out for exhibitions and so on, so most of the time, we are present
to welcome You!

Our facilities (except for toilet facilities) – give us the opportunity to alos warmly welcome

wheelchair users as well. Easy access directly from the spacious parking lot.

Of course, It is free to visit us, and we always offer free coffee and directly imported
Taiwanese tea to our guests,


Form.Gallery logo.png


The Form.Gallery

is established in 2013,and managed by
Artist TA, Trygve Amundsen.

Basically The Gallery show contemporary art from 3 artists,
working in their separate studios connected to The Form.Gallery.

Per October 2019 we have more than 115 meters of effective
exhibition walls where we present our own Art, but 6 times a year,
we open the Gallery and present exiting guest exhibitors.


Link:  At The Form.Gallery


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