Born 1953, in Bergen, Norway.


More than 40 years of experience within sales, marketing, illustrations and graphic design. "Converted" to a full time

painting artist between 2009 and 2013.


Proud, juried member of the prestigieus NFUK, (Read More)
– a Union of Independent artists in Norway.

Full time contemporary painting artist.

Art in oil, acrylics and chinese ink, and

Owner/Manager of The Form.Gallery
in Bergen, Norway,

I vary and play with expressions and styles - completely independent of trends. As a former illustrator and graphic designer, I have the best knowledge for utilizing both tools, color and material, and it provides exciting results. This has given me a good reception in the many countries he has been exposed to:

Abroad I have had both separate and Collective exhibitions
in several Cities in the US and Italy; Collective exhibitions in Portugal, France, Sweden.In recent years, however, Taiwan has taken all my focus, where it must be said that I has had great success.

Over the past 5 years I have participated in major Art-Fairs and has its own agent in Taiwan. Furthermore, I have a firm agreement with the wonderful San-Xi Art Gallery, which represents me very actively.

For three years I have been invited as participating guest at the wonderful Tsai-Mo Flower and ART International Festival under the auspices of the city of Taichung (Taiwan's second largest city).

In May 2019 I ended up as a finalist at the enourmous International Art Competition at The Art Revolution

Taipei 2019, competing against more than 4200 artists/artworks.

Exhibiting in Norway 2020:

I will focus on exhibiting in The Form.Gallery this year, in addition to that, I am working with one other

exhibition in Norway. Also I will be a participant at an Art Symposium with several other artists

in Western Norway in June. More information will be added as dates and facts are settled.

By September 2019 I have have agreed for the following abroad exhibitions 2020/2021:

Art Revolution Taipei 2020. Artfair, with my own stand, under the auspices of the San-Xi Art gallery.

Taoyuan ART Festival 2020, with my own booth,
by San-Xi Art gallery.

Tsai-Mo Flower and Art Festival 2020. A Joint exhibition organized by The City of Taichung.


I am also invited to have a solo exhibition at a wonderful Hospital University Gallery in Taiwan, in September or October 2020, under the auspices of the San-Xi Art gallery. Details not ready yet.

JunTech Art Gallery - a huge solo exhibition
in a wonderful huge Gallery in the City of Junlin.

This will be one of the largest and maybe the most important exhibitions for me.

The Chinese Ambassy in Taiwan - Separate exhibition
at the Historic/Embassy in Taiwan.


I am always aiming to keep a high quality level both in material as well as execution.


I paint in both Acrylics and oil, and define my art as Semi-Abstract. I create my own style in art, crossing borders and established styles. Not trying to be up-to-date following the todays trends too much, because to me, today

is to me a temporary situation.


I want my art to be timeless, all the way communicating with the spectators over a long time. I have learned

that owners of my art experience new things with my art after years on their wall. That is an incredible feedback motivating me more than anything else. 

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