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About visiting The FORM.GALLERY:
The Form.Gallery is open Sundays 12:00 to 16:00.

We all work various hours and days thoughout the week, and if we are able to,

we will gladely open our doors for you. Please feel free to give us a call to check.

Our gallery is always free to view, and we offer coffee and Taiwanese tea to all of our guests.

We always welcome wheelchair users with easy access from our spacious parking lot.

However, please note that our restrooms are not equipped to handle wheelchairs at this time.

In inspiration of the New Year we would like to bring back the "old" by covering our walls with art developed through the various lives and experiences of the 3 resident artists.

All        3         on The Walls:



Art Gallery

in Fana

Today – at The Form.Gallery


More than 220 pieces of artwork

exhibited now!

Artist TA

The collection Artist TA presents today is a mixed collection of earlier and new works.

Very exciting, among other things, paintings on silk that have been exhibited at
The Tsai-Mo Art Exhibition in Taiwan.Taiwan has been the focus area of ​​Artist TA for several years,
and the collaboration with galleries and a large group of artists in Taiwan has provided a lot of inspiration. Normally this is oil and acrylic paintings.

Trygve Amundsen varies and plays with expressions and styles - completely independent of trends,
because in his opinion, art live much longer than varying trends.

Silje Garman is our new visual artist. She has taken over the place from
Siri Anne, and is in full swing to establish herself. We look forward to
seeing the results now when she can unfold here with us at Form.Gallery.

Silje Garman

Nina Ellefsen-Hansen is a playful and creative visual artist with a sense
of quality. She paints abstractly, mostly with acrylic, on varied media. Playfulness naturally provides exciting variations, and she offers a wide
range of her beautiful art.

Nina Ellefsen-Hansen

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